John Delaney: Service with a Capital “I” ?

September 12, 2016 (The Huffington Post) – It’s normally frowned upon to say one thing and do another. It’s a matter of ethics and I agree with that stand. I believe that people should say what they mean and do what they say.

That is one reason why I found Congressman Delaney’s September 8 Huffington Post Op-Ed on payday lending to be so interesting. Personally, I’m surprised that John Delaney wrote about the atrocities of payday lending companies when he made his fortune from, among other things, owning and operating the payday lending company Capital Source.

Operating in many of the same ways as the Wall Street banks that set up the recession, my opponent made his personal fortune by handing out predatory loans – some with interest rates as high as 18% – and then foreclosing on debtor’s homes the moment they defaulted. John Delaney and Capital Source were so known for shady predatory lending habits that FORBES magazine ran an exposé on the company in 2006 and labeled John Delaney a “Loan Shark.”

So what does it say when the author of a piece about helping victims of payday loans was once on the wrong side of the equation himself?

It raises the question of motives.

Would someone who has built his financial fortune off of the backs of the poor who trusted him suddenly want to assist them without reward? Would someone who has ruined countless families through hundreds of foreclosures and bankruptcies suddenly change? Would such a person want to improve the lives of the very people he profited off of if there weren’t something in it for him? – Probably not.

So why, then?

Probably for the same reason John Delaney has continually put his own interests before the interests of his constituents in Maryland. Probably for the same reason he harassed our governor – Governor Larry Hogan – and his wife and children with a mobile attack billboard he repeatedly had driven around the governor’s house. Probably for the same reason he refuses to work with Governor Hogan to fix his district’s highways. And probably for the same reason that Congressman Delaney skips meetings Governor Hogan sets up with the ENTIRE Maryland federal delegation to facilitate communications between the federal and state governments.

Probably because John Delaney is focused more on running for Governor in 2018 than actually serving his district right now.

While John Delaney is worrying about how to best challenge Governor Hogan, he has failed to deliver on his transportation promises (our district’s infrastructure has worsened) and on his economic promises (jobs have been leaving the district at an alarming rate), and now residents fear the government more than they trust it.

How is it that the Maryland has risen from 49th to 11th in economic growth in the two years since Governor Hogan has been in office and yet the 6th district has seen little improvement and some areas in the 6th district have economically worsened because of actions directly supported by John Delaney. How is it that Governor Hogan enjoys 70% approval in Maryland, yet John Delaney seems chronically incapable of working with him for the good of his district?

As a small business owner and former Deputy Under Secretary of the Army, I’m running for Congress because I think it’s time that Maryland’s 6th Congressional District representative is focused on public service, not political ambition. It’s time for the federal government to focus on national defense and put economic power back into the hands of small businesses. And this can be done most effectively if the federal representative works with the Governor, not against him.

Unlike my opponent, I will work with Governor Hogan because my district lacks infrastructure and jobs in areas that have been waiting for two election cycles for things to change. And I will work with the Governor because public service was never supposed to be about personal gain. It was always meant to be reflective of sincere concerns for one’s communities and the people around them – about serving those in need, not profiting from them.

There’s a reason why people are getting fed up with Congressman Delaney’s “me-first, you-second” agenda where the results do not matter so long as John Delaney comes out on top. There’s a reason it’s frowned upon to say one thing and do another.

So I would like to make it perfectly clear: I’m Amie Hoeber, and I’m running to represent and improve the conditions of the 6th Congressional District of Maryland – and nothing else.

~ Amie