Ask Amie Responses

Do you support term-limits in Congress?

Yes, I definitely would. Unlike my opponent, John Delaney, I do not plan on becoming a career-politician and am not looking at this Congressional seat as a stepping stone. I want to represent Maryland’s 6th District because I see a surprisingly large need for Representatives in Congress with national security expertise.

It infuriates me to watch career politicians like John Delaney compromise his own District’s interests because he’s too busy looking at his next job.

Will you protect the District against ISIS and terrorism, in general?

Absolutely. I am running for Congress because I can no longer watch America’s national security be handled as inadequately as it has been handled over the last eight years. I want to take my experience in national security in both the public and private sectors to rebuild the security that the Democrats have worked to dismantle.

Unlike John Delaney, I would not have voted for the Iran deal, which gave the world’s leading state sponsor of terror billions of dollars; and, I would not vote to close the Guantanamo facility and bring the remaining detainees to American soil, something John Delaney has done eight times!

Where do you stand on Defense spending?

I believe that the defense cuts made under the Obama administration are unacceptable. Our Army is at its smallest since WWII, and our Navy is at its smallest since WWI. We need a more capable Army, strong like the one we had when I was Deputy Under Secretary of the Army during the Reagan Administration (and an equivalently strong Air Force and Navy). Such a strong military will help ensure peace through strength and the protection of the U.S., Israel and, in fact, all of our allies.

What’s your favorite candy?

Well, I’m personally more of a chocolate person, so I guess the closest would be M&Ms.