Major General Stephen V. Reeves, USA (Ret.)

Major General Stephen V. Reeves was the Joint Program Executive Officer for Chemical And Biological Defense for the U.S. Department of Defense.

To Fellow Voters:

It is my privilege to support and endorse Amie Hoeber for Congress. I have known and worked with Amie throughout her many years of outstanding service to our country both in government and in the private sector. In all she does, Amie exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. I believe both the Sixth District of Maryland and our nation will be well served by having Amie in Congress.

In my experience I find Amie a caring, critical thinking, and connected leader both in her community and in the interests of our nation. As both a political appointee in the Reagan Administration and in the private sector, Amie has worked tirelessly to secure the resources needed to support our military and defend our nation. Likewise I have seen Amie be unafraid to take on the tough national security issues while offering pragmatic and hopeful insight into our nation’s national security problems and needs.

We need Amie Hoeber in Congress. And Amie needs you. I am proud to support and endorse Amie for Congress.


Stephen Reeves
Major General, USA (Ret.)