Major General Edwin M. Aguanno, USA (Ret.)

Major General Aguanno was the Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for Tactical Warfare Systems Acquisition.

To the Voters of Maryland:

I strongly endorse and support the candidacy of Amie Hoeber for Congress for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. She is a strong advocate for the type of government that we need in the United States. In addition, she has the strength, technical understanding, experience and outstanding leadership that the People of Maryland need in Congress.


I proudly served as a senior weapons system staff officer for the Army in the Headquarters of the U.S. Army alongside Amie. This challenge extended through President Reagan’s term as president. I was always impressed by her professional approach and ability to solve problems. She knows how to manage and always had a full grasp in her work of all of the aspects of very complicated issues involved in research, development and acquisition in the Army and was a very competent decision maker.


I would expect Amie to attack her job as Congresswoman in the same way she has achieved success in her government and business life. Her zeal, knowledge of issues and willingness to work with others in government and Congress will help achieve a stronger Maryland and United States. She is a superb choice for the next Congresswoman of Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. Amie has the dynamic sense of determination to get things done even when facing complex barriers.


Major General Edwin M. Aguanno, US Army Retired